probe sonicator

Introduction of Samarth Electronics :

We Samarth Electronics are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of probe sonicator with 3 different variants LED/LCD/LCD with a touch screen. The instruments manufactured by us are majorly used in different types of industries such as chemical, medical, nano particle dispensing and mixing, paint and other industries. Sonicators are high frequency devices making use of ultrasonic energy to blend particles in liquids and facilitate processes such as mixing, cleaning, sample preparation and so on. In the process of sonication, sound energy or high frequency sound waves are used to break cells. There are two types of sonicators. One is the bath sonicator and the other is probe sonicator.

What is a Probe sonicator :

In the functioning of probe sonicators, the particles around the probe are blasted with high energy levels of sound and this is an ideal situation for size reduction, emulsification and dispersion of nano-particles. This is best used as a substitute for the process of stirring. So in this way, a probe is in direct contact with the sample with a probe sonicator, whereas in bath sonicator the sample gets isolated from the energy source. In case of probe sonicator, the input energy level required is quite low and hence, it provides more concentrated energy to the sample. It is not at all suitable for testing small samples. The possibility of sample cross contamination is high with the use of probe sonicator. There is one more specific feature associated and that is, only one sample can be used at one time with the functioning of probe sonicator. As the applications for which the sonicators are used are diverse, this tool comes in different sizes and shapes. Probe sonicators are made up of 3 parts:

1.Generator that providing electronic pulses.
2.Converter that transforms the pulses into mechanical vibrations
3.Probe that rests in the sample and transmits the vibrations to it.

Our Strategy :

There are many factors that should be considered before purchasing a sonicator. The foremost point is which type has to be purchased, the parameters and additional features of the sonicators all these have to be compared. Probe sonicators are said to be more expensive then bath sonicators. In case of the probe tool, users should consider buying different probe tips for different volumes. To be specific, depending upon the size and shape of the vessel , one can choose from different probes. Depending upon the wide applications there are a number of probe sonicators available in the market, based on different parameters and user reviews. We at Samarth Electronics offer you with the most durable and affordable probe machine you can select from. We are committed to serve our customers and create such a world where people and products are handled in a perfect manner. With our outstanding facilities and efforts, we provide best range of sonicators that can be used in several applications by different industries. Our highly reliable, advanced and latest sonicator devices are available in different specifications. Our devices have a longer functional life and attributing to this function, we design and develop a range of low noise systems at our manufacturing unit, to benefit a large number of customers.

Salient Features :

There are a few salient features associated with our instruments which include :
1. Our devices are easy to clean and maintain.
2. We provide modular generator for easy servicing of our machines.
3. Our instruments come with rugged and corrosion free stainless steel finish.
4. These devices are equipped with extensively protected electronic circuits for longer and safer functioning.
5. The parameters like total time, pulse on time, pulse off time can be adjusted.
6. Adjustable operation modes to reduce the heat rise in temperature sensitive samples is available with our devices.
7. The instruments are uploaded with integrated temperature control systems to prevent the overheating of the samples.

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